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    Sun/Moon numbers a proof Nintendo should continue release games on 3DS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 January 2017

    VGPolyglot said: Lucas-Rio said: The console is their cash cow now, they make money on it, software and hardware. When a console move 14.69 millions from one game in less than three months, it shows the ecosystem is alive and healty. Mario Maker also moved a lot of games in a short time. The 3ds is actually improving its sales (hardware). It can easily last 2 more...

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    Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 October 2016

    Acevil said: Legendary_W said: Anyone else noticed that the trailer shows King Boo in Mario Kart? He's not in MK8, is he? Odd. Look again, you will also see something similar to Double Dash. I think safe to assume that is Mario Kart Switch.... You're right. I focused only on King Boo so I totally skipped that. Considering MK Switch, Zelda, Splatoon...

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    Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 October 2016

    Anyone else noticed that the trailer shows King Boo in Mario Kart? He's not in MK8, is he? Odd....

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    Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 October 2016

    Welp, since the actual reveal is now out of the way we can actually expect Nintendo to provide us with a more consisten flow of information about the console. I won't lie I got excited as hell by it. Dammit, I haven't logged into VGChartz for more than a year but this made me do it. Although I don't think people, including myself, should get overexcited by it, I think it's also wrong to judge...

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    ZombiU is highly underrated

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2015

    It was frustrating in a good way. The game wasn't hard, it just wasn't forgiving. When you fucked up, most of the time it's not the game's fault, but rather your own, so instead of "seriously? fuck this game" the most recurrent thought would be something in the lines of "Damn it, I should pay more attention to X thing that led to my death"....

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    Between Kill La Kill and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Which One is Better

    in Movies Discussion on 22 July 2015

    I watched both. Loved both. Kill La Kill was by no means bad, in fact, it was pretty outstanding, but Gurren Lagann's message (Drill = Will, your is capable of piercing the heavens) was executed far better than the "Don't lose your way" message Kill la Kill presents. Another things TTGL did far better than KlK was the final battle, which was nuts epic, but not only epic, "galaxy being used as...

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    The Super Smash Bros. Elimination Game! And The Winner Is...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 June 2015

    + Bowser - Duck Hunt By the way, "rest in peace in peace Captain Falcon"?...

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    Help with new SSD

    in PC Discussion on 20 May 2015

    When I upgraded to SSD I remember the SSD came with a migration software. I find it odd that it isn't the case with yours. Anyway, as Snesboy said simply install Windows on the SSD, transfer any files you want to, and then change the booting device on the BIOS. Once you started Windows via your SSD, you can do whatever you want with the remaining information on your HDD....

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    Dragon Age Inquisition sent back to gamefly: BORING

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 April 2015

    Vasto said:I played it for about 1 hour and that was enough for me. Same here. I bought it expecting the game to be truly awesome from the start, since everyone seemed to absolutely love it and it got crazy good reviews, even being called GOTY 2014 by many. I almost fell asleep playing it....

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    Have you had to upgrade the storage on your console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 April 2015

    Skullwaker said:Nope. I'm a physical kinda guy. :-P But Xbox One and PS4 have mandatory installs. Unless you're talking about Nintendo or last gen....

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    What video game character has the highest kill count?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2015

    I'd say Chuck Greene. There's an achievement for killing 100.000 zombies, after all. However I don't know if it counts since you need to fuck up your playthrough from the very beggining to achieve such a feat making it impossible for the main storyline and therefore uncanon. I'm not sure if zombies count at all, though....

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    Sequels that take the bad ending as canon?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 April 2015

    Wright said: Legendary_W said:Dead Rising 2: Case West. You would think that they took off from the best ending, Ending S! But noo, they chose Ending A instead. To be honest, S ending looks like the best, but it is actually very bad too. As Chuck and company have no means to escape at all from the blast, they will probably die, despite being all happy-go-lucky...

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    Sequels that take the bad ending as canon?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 April 2015

    Dead Rising 2: Case West. You would think that they took off from the best ending, Ending S! But noo, they chose Ending A instead....

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    SSB for WiiU/3DS: More DLC characters! We Pick, Let Nintendo Know Who We Want!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 April 2015

    King K Rool Wonder Red, which includes all other Wonderful 100. Bayonetta....

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    Borderlands 2 Has Sold "Well Over" 12 Million Copies

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2015

    Borderlands 2 is like Killing Floor: If you have a steam account but lack one of those games, then I wonder why do you even have a Steam account at all. Those are musts, and they are on sale the whole time....

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    Help me: Explain what you don't like with mobile gaming!

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2015

    Ace Attorney series on iPhone was fun, people tend to dislike it because they compare it to the original but i think visual novels have a lot of potential on mobile devices as long as the storyline is good and you can save anywhere any time so you can pause and resume freely. It really depends on the games though. Most mobile games are bullcrap but some devs really put effort and creativity...

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    The Game Of The Decade so far

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2015

    Can't we just vote normally? Like, each user can post the name of a number of games (because only choosing one can be difficult) and then the op makes a list with all games mentioned and scores them. The problem with pre-made lists is that people tend to disagree, but if the list is made up solely by user's ideas then it'll be totally fair. I think it'd be a great idea as long as the down-voting...

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    Project Cars PS4 exclusive feature!

    in Sony Discussion on 02 March 2015

    Reminds me of the Wiimote, and although I don't have a PS4 I can tell from my experience with the Wii that it's a really cool feature if it's well implemented....

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    Help me answer the question whether videogames cause violence

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2015

    Of course videogames don't cause violence, gamers are too busy playing as to commit a crime. Nah, now seriously. Games, although some are violent and kind of gore-ish, most of them involve a "good guy", namely your main character, fighting because of clearly positive moral reasons. Let's say, Gears of Wars. You're shooting the shit out of horrendous creatures and cutting them in half but that's...

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    Something's missing this generation...what is it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2015

    IMO for now the 8th gen just feels like Gen 7 2.0. Only very few games like Fifa could be shared between Gen 6 and Gen 7. PS360 could achieve things that were impossible before, even the Wii with its unique controller did so, too. But eighth gen is basically the same with better graphics. Most games can be ported to last gen, they simply have to chop off the visuals and everything will work...

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