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    Normchacho's Wall

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    < vivster posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    A lot of my posts are negative because saying something positive does not add anything most of the time. The most infuriating threads in this forum are 100 comments long circle jerks of people agreeing with each other. Also, comedy comes from conflict.

    But I can assure you and my many fans that I lead a very happy life and that it is enriched even more by posting here.

    That's also a reason why Nintendo threads have such a strong pull for me. They are the biggest circle jerks by far and they need to be broken.

    on 04 August 2017

    hhmm...fair enough. Just noticed a negative trend from you. That's all.

    on 04 August 2017

    People don't see my positive posts because most of the times they're in threads nobody else cares about. Also my own wall is usually quite positive. Right now I'm loving DQ11.

    on 04 August 2017

    < StarOcean posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Hey, about the car stuff. Are you sure I can get off what I signed? My dad says it can be hard to. As does Miguel on here :L

    It's going to depend on what you signed. From what you said it doesn't sound like you made your down payment or that the financing is done yet. So it doesn't sound like you own that car yet and if you don't, then they can't force you to buy it.

    on 13 February 2017

    So the downpayment and the papers are connected? If I have yet to put the downpayment on the car I ca5 get it?

    on 13 February 2017

    can't get it*

    on 13 February 2017

    < Chngogorer posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    seeking CHNLove for Chnlove.com my Chnlove.com lover.

    < IkePoR posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Just saw your last reply in the Batgirl thread. Thanks to you for correcting the moronic ramblings of a quasi-lunatic.

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    < Roketan posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Thx for accepting my friend request.

    < hershel_layton posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    say, do you know who "I Hate Everything" is? He's a decently sized youtuber, and he typically has Aquaman as a character in his videos. Seeing your profile picture reminded me, and I know it wouldn't hurt to mention.

    < Slimebeast posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    To work in IT is not the same thing as being interested in GPU and RAM.

    Every time I see your profile picture all I see is Mermaid Man. What is it actually from? Lol.

    I think it's Photoshoped, it's just Aquaman tied up in a plastic can holder. You know, like a fish.

    on 08 January 2016

    I see.

    on 08 January 2016


    on 29 January 2016

    < estebxx posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    thanks for the add!

    No problem! Thanks for accepting :P

    on 23 September 2015

    < Ps3 posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Boys Like Girls - Thunder


    < Kaizar posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    < Zappykins posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Glad we cleared up we were talking about different things. I was going to have to made a video, but I'd rather get ice cream or something. :D


    on 22 February 2014

    mmmm Gelato...

    on 22 February 2014

    There's a place near me that makes a chocolate orange gelato...damn...sorry, this is getting out of hand.

    on 22 February 2014

    Oooh! That sounds good! Let's go, then we can game later.

    on 22 February 2014

    < Normchacho updated his status:

    "You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to an informed opinion, no one is entitled to be ignorant." - Harlan Ellison.

    < Normchacho updated his status:

    Being called out on over a baseless claim is best followed up by making another baseless claim apparently. But make sure it's not in a reply so that the person who called you out doesn't see it...

    < hugebong posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    hey dude remember me? you liked my videos well an way heres anotherone i made leme know how i did.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlBEofKmjUs

    < orangeade posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    yo bro u said u wanted to see this video here it is.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlBEofKmjUs

    < tictax posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    u said my videos are bad well i am here to tell u there amazing this is my most acomplished vids...


    < minecraft23 posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    i upload better videos then boogie. stop saying there crap. here is proof there not crap.



    < Seece posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Hey man, could you predict 3DS and Vita numbers too please? - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=175950&page=1

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Normchacho's wall:

    Welcome to the site!

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