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    What 3DS Game do i get next

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 January 2014

    Voted Fire Emblem like a lot of other people, would also suggest Animal Crossing, Pokemon X or Y, and Bravely Default relatively soon as they are games with playing potential of over a hundred hours if you really get into them, so I'd suggest getting them early and once you get bored you can start picking up other games while slowly still working on the respective's games extra stuff (e.g....

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    PS Vita Slim Set For Release in Europe and North America?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 January 2014

    PS4 Slim Confirmed still no games worth getting tho *shot*...

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    Nintendo Fusion - Will you play?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2014

    no I won't play it because it's a stupid rumor and fake but as a nintendo fanboy yes i would i will buy any new system (2DS/Wii mini don't count)...

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    Who else thinks Sony needs to kill the PS3?

    in Sony Discussion on 21 January 2014

    I don't agree at all. I want the PS3 to go on as long as possible lol. That is all....

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    Amazing 2014 for Xbox console exclusives. UPDATE: MORE COMING????

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 January 2014

    most of these games aren't impressive in the least to me, Titanfall looks good but only casual gamers can play a game just for graphics and 60fps, we'll have to see how the gameplay holds up objectively speaking, I can see a few of these titles being interesting, but once you take out the PC/timed exclusives, it leaves only a few enticing titles, like Halo 5 and Fable Legends (I'm still not...

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    Does anybody here collect or own figurines?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 January 2014

    Some of these are really cool. I especially liked the Lelouch one, the... Kagura?--ugh the name escapes me but the one right below Lelouch lol--Sonic, and ZSS ones. I like Mio but not a fan of that specific figurine. As for actually owning them, I can't say I do yet, but I think I will own some once I get the collector's edition of Tales of Symphonia, which comes with multiple of them IIRC....

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    I got Super Mario 3D World instead of Knack...

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 January 2014

    IMO once you get into 3D World you realize it's quite a bit different from 3D Land. Plenty of new abilities, twists, amongst other things... there are some similarities, but I enjoyed 3D World waaaaay more than I did 3D land, and I'd definitely pin them as two different games, 3DW didn't feel like an "enhanced port" of anything of 3DL. Just saying since some people might get that impression....

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    Anonymous Dev documents Wii U experience

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2014

    A few things, my "2 cents" if you will: - This came out soon after the Digital Foundry article, and Digital Foundry is known for relentlessly bashing Nintendo and the Wii U since it gets them attention. I can't prove anything, but it seems a bit suspicious that this comes out right after, and pretty much seconds what DF said with more detail. - I'm a licensed Nintendo Developer and have...

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    There may be a good chance SSB won't boost the Wii U...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2014

    Based on my sample size of 3 people we're all getting both the Wii U and the 3DS versions oh, and another sample size of 2 people has them both getting ONLY the Wii U versions, which obviously means that no one wants an inferior handheld version where you don't even have an external gaming controller like we're all used to for Smash. ... jokes aside I'm getting both and I know...

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    What do you expect in the next Nintendo Direct?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2014

    I'm expecting pretty much nothing so unless something totally awful happens, I'll almost definitely be extremely pleased with the Nintendo Direct, even if it all it has is release dates and more Donkey Kong footage. A new Metroid game would make me flip a shit and then some though. As would X clips, Smash clips, SMT x FE info, or anything Mother/Star Fox/F-Zero related for Wii U. If it's Zelda...

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    Wii U V. Ouya which should you buy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 January 2014

    *throws attention at him* Ouya is better obviously time to go sell my Wii U (is he satisfied?)...

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    Do You Consider Wii U A Current/Next-gen console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 January 2014

    Yeah I get the point of the topic but as many people have iterated [QUOTE]Specs have nothing to do with it. It's the sequence. It's current gen along with the PS4 and XBO.[/QUOTE] it's not really up for debate, generations aren't an "opinion" thing, anyone who thinks so is just deluding themselves which is why people get mad. I think it'll hurt some people to know that 3DS and Vita are also...

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    Predict what game u will play most in 2014

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2014

    Super Smash Bros., not even a contest. Has way too much depth for me not to lol...

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    What is your favorite 3rd party Wii U game? Based on Gameplay, Technical/implementation details (if any) , the effect it has had on you or your friends and any lessons for devs and/or Nintendo if any.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 December 2013

    Rayman Legends, even though I have plenty of 3rd party Wii U games I don't think I've beaten any except for this, but this one was awesome. I also have ZombiU, MH3U, ACIII, CoD Ghosts, and I intend to get ACIV, Darksiders II, and more, but not until I get the time to actually play them XD Rayman definitely made great use of the Wii U gamepad and with the other versions not having the features...

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    So, I finally played SM3DWorld and...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 December 2013

    prayformojo said: 3D Land is a product of Iwata's Nintendo, which is a Nintendo that likes to port successful handheld games to their consoles to save on cost and time. Everything about modern Nintendo is about saving on costs and time. Before design, concept, gameplay and anything else, comes cost. Everything MUST be done as cheaply as possible before it's even considered. That's why the...

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    Myth busting; 3rd party games are unprofitable on Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 December 2013

    haters gon' hate, even if you managed to prove anything people will still just deny it or ignore it...

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    What's up with JRPG's?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2013

    The stories give more meaning to everything and make you grow more attached to the characters and consequently the game itself. A lot of other genres skip out on the story or minimize it and instead focus on gameplay or multiplayer or other stuff, whereas SOME JRPG's--they're not all the same--actually see the story as an important part of the game and take a lot of time to develop characters and...

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    Ps plus vita. Which games are free for members at the moment?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 December 2013

    once you're done with free games, Ys: Memories of Celceta but otherwise Gravity Rush and the Sonic All-Stars racing game are the two ones I'd suggest unless you have a lot of space in which case... by all means download all that you can, you can navigate through the menus on the Vita and find them lol...

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    Futureshop Boxing Day Wii U Sales!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2013

    those are some amazing prices. The Wii U is totally worth the $350 I paid for it, to get it and another free game for $100 cheaper is amazing, not to mention there are even more games out now. if you're waiting for another price drop I think you're underestimating the value of the Wii U, it's not a $200 system lol, they're a bit desperate so that's why the deals are so good but if they undersell...

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    Will the Wii U be the last Nintendo console you buy year one?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 December 2013

    I will almost definitely buy the next Nintendo console day-1. Multiple reasons: one, I have more money now so I should be able to afford it by then. Two, I think they'll do a better job with their launch line-ups after seeing the importance of software with the 3DS and Wii U doing poorly without games. Three, someone has to support Nintendo and I tend to pick up for companies I feel are the...

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