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    USA Weekly Chart - Week Ending 13th Dec 2014

    in Latest Charts on 28 December 2014

    I chuckled...

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    The Wii U pact- Invest in 3rd party on the Wii U in 2014! Less than a week to go, the Pact is coming to an end. - 128 eshop games on clearance this week!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 December 2014

    I feel bad for not updating this, but I don't even know where I'd begin with all the games I have. I can't remember when I bought them either. >_< yeahhh, let's just say I gave lots of 1st-party, some major 3rd-party, and plenty of indie support......

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    Are you a Nintendo poser?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2014

    *types up huge post**it all gets deleted*f*** salkdjadsijqpwdipoasdipasd   tl;dr I have like 30+ Wii U games (probably more, too lazy to count) and about 50 3DS games (have had 4 3DS's btw, only traded in one of them) and chuck money at Nintendo constantly so if I'm not a fanboy I'm not sure who is   also paid premium for my Wii U, bought all 12 or w/e of the first amiibos,...

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    Miyamoto: Next Mario Will Most Likely Be On Nintendo’s Next Console

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 December 2014

    yeahhhh ok glad i'm not the only one who felt like people were misunderstanding this -_- sheesh, got me worried for a minute...

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    What are your top 3 RPG franchises?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 December 2014

    Fuck this is really fucking hard, as an RPG fan I can't really do this I guess Xenoblade doesn't count so I won't do that even though the next one looks amazing and I'm sure it'll be one of my faves... hm... Ys Fire Emblem Tales of Honorable mention to The Legend of Heroes: Trails series (a sub-series of The Legend of Heroes). TWEWY would be in there if it were an actual series or...

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    Nintendo is bragging about their high quality games :P

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 December 2014

    noob responses in this thread...

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    What Games Consoles you own?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2014

    We give away older consoles in my family, so I only have the slightly newer ones, for the most part. GBA Advance SP (dead though) Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo 3DS XL (Japanese version) Wii Wii U PS2 PS3 PSP PS Vita And my bro has an Xbox One I can borrow without too much trouble (doesn't have enough games for me to want one myself). In the past though, there was the... (a lot of these...

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    If you could only buy 1 game that releases in 2015...

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2014

    Xenoblade Chronicles X. Just too much of a fanboy and I know that game would last. Zelda is also big but I have plenty of Zelda games to catch up on, and while there are lots of other great series, if I had no choice, I'd rather suffer through not having them than not having XCX, lol....

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    Brilliant game journalism

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2014

    rofl, beautiful and now they're trying to damage control...

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    Has anyone tried playing Smash with a Pro controller?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2014

    I was a huge GC controller guy--I even bought a new GC controller despite there being 3 in the house already (one of which was "specifically mine" since you know how us gamers can be about sharing even controllers)--but between the nicer shoulder buttons IMO (for some reason the GC ones got annoying when it came to shielding, maybe due to how much I have to press them down), a slightly more......

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    Nintendo Fans! Who would you rather win this gen XB1 or PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 November 2014

    I don't really care/think it matters, I mean it never really affected me before (which console sold better), not like I have bets on any of them, so regardless of who wins, it's "eh". That being said I do think that it's not good for any one company to dominate too much by obtaining too many exclusives, too much of the market share, etc., and PS4 is kind of killing it (holidays aside; we'll...

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    Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 November 2014

    I've got two originals and one XL. The XL is nicer overall for me (the only real downside being it's slightly harder to fit in my pocket, but that's more in my head than anything--it hasn't really been an actual problem...) since it's not only got the bigger screen but other small upgrades. The New 3DS will of course be better and I'll probably pick that up (currently working on getting rid of...

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    I can't defeat my amiibo anymore...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 November 2014

    oh gosh that's Code Lyoko isn't it ._. yeah amiibos are lulz, fun little gimmick IMO...

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    Looks like PS4 will be #1 for Black Friday

    in Sales Discussion on 29 November 2014

    So, tl;dr Sony is dominating? No big surprise. People should just stop worrying so much and accept it for what it is, we're still getting decent games regardless. PS4 will sell the most Xbox One will lag behind but still be a viable console and such Wii U will sell decently like the GameCube but still have a great selection of games/have plenty of support from Nintendo like, none of...

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    WRPGs Vs JRPGs.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 November 2014

    "Jrpgs when they try to be Wrpgs.... in other words the soul series." - I disagree since this series had some of the worst game design I had ever seen, like, on par with shitty indie games naturally JRPG/WRPG just comes down to preference and well, the games themselves (hard to make blanket-statements over an entire genre), but Which had games with the better setting? - JRPG settings...

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    Why Platinum's games don't sell well?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 November 2014

    niche aside, people care more about hype and "brand-name" (or IPs, really) than quality, and I think that contributes. it's why Nintendo has to keep milking Mario, Activision CoD, Ubisoft AC, etc....

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    Miyamoto: 'What can games learn from film? Nothing'

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 November 2014

    Miyamoto sees games as a medium to give gameplay, meaning everything else is just the support for good gameplay. That's how gaming started and that's how gaming is in its "purist" form. However there are lots of other approaches to game design and I would really like to see games from Nintendo that can also tell a story and have good cinematics--I just don't want games that are TOO cinematic...

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    Majora's Mask 3D will run on the 3DS (XL) and 2DS. Who else is upset that Nintendo isn't supporting the New 3DS (XL) properly?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 November 2014

    what no this logic is terrible and so are the options there should be a straight-up "I'm not upset" option >_> the game might have quicker loading times for the New 3DS, other than that I don't see why we'd want more exclusives etc. for a console that's not even out and that most people won't have or be willing to get not to mention said system will be expensive and will have many other...

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    Is this it for WiiU in 2015?? Already bigger than 2014??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 October 2014

    all the systems are plagued by delays. and eh....

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    Most Hyped Game Of The Fourth And Final Quarter Of 2014?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 October 2014

    Smash Bros. and Bayonetta 2. And I'm not all that surprised they aren't on there and that most of the games are PS4 and Xbone games. :|...

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