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< Xen posted something on Ljink96's wall:

Hey, you're back.

Yeup, I've been back for some time... trying to speak sense into these folk(JK). Prepare to feel my wrath!

on 23 January 2014

So sense is a joke, but wrath is serious?
I'm staying away :P

on 23 January 2014

Exactly!!! HA HA! These people don't respond to sense so instead I use wrath! It is much more effective.

on 23 January 2014

< Ljink96 updated his status:

If something's wrong, figure it out. :D

I didn't mean to post twice... why can't you delete these?

on 07 December 2013

Actually you can! Next to the comment there is a green X, at the far right! :P

on 01 April 2014

Ah, I see... thanks. Too bad this won't exist in about a couple of seconds.

on 01 April 2014

< Ljink96 updated his status:

If something's wrong, figure it out. :D

< ps3-sales! posted something on Ljink96's wall:


I'm still dying over here XD

on 20 November 2013

You're havin' a laugh ain't cha? I'll get you guys back, you'll see!

No really.

on 24 November 2013

Bring it on ;)

on 24 November 2013

< Xen posted something on Ljink96's wall:


Have you updated the release? I didn't seem to get an update, just downloaded what's there, still seems to be bugging out in the first fight you get into.

No hurry, of course.

Oh, hey. Sorry I haven't been able to be active lately. With school, and just plain unfortunate events I haven't been able to update that crappity crap version. The new one I've been working on is about 1000X better. I've edited music, enhanced maps, added a better world map item, and some other stuff. In other words, it'll be worth the wait i... think? The only things I haven't completed are: fully balancing gameplay(battlewise) and editing a few dull maps.

I'll say what I've told everyone else(although it probably won't happen) expect the update this week. I'll contact all the testers when I have it up. By any chance, fine if you don't, but can you speak another language: preferably French or Spanish? Even Japanese? The reason is that this game is supposed to be a global release for Dragon Warrior's 25th anniversary that's coming up in August 2014. Just a thought. I've already gotten some guys for the French translation though.

on 07 August 2013

No worries, it's not like I have a wagon of free time that I don't know what I can use for :-P
I'm looking forward to that improved version. Keep me posted, and best of luck with school and whatever's troubling you (those times come and go... I am having one right now, frankly).

I speak English, Russian (my mother tongue). Hebrew, and some French (can't say I'm fluent). I doubt the other two will be all that useful though - there's just no demand for a DQ game from either language group, I'm afraid.

on 08 August 2013

Just letting you know, the demo is up. I also sent a notification on rpgmaker.net. That is when you get time. I know how life is... especially mine... I HATE IT!

on 11 August 2013

I'll to get to it on the weekend, or next week. World of Tanks has me extremely busy games-wise.

Life's simple though. Good-bad-good-bad. Best of luck to you.

on 14 August 2013

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Will Microsoft ever win a gen?

in Gaming Discussion 16 hours ago

Rafie said: Ljink96 said:There are 3 dinosaurs. 1 is clever and flies around effectively to survive. 1 is just meat headed and burly and uses brute strength to survive. 1 is also meat headed and burly but has fire breath giving him a double edge easily defeating his meat headed copy and having a hard time catching the flying one because he is so different. Now tell me which...

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Does the new miiverse update pretty much prove Nintendo is putting out a gamepadless Wii U this Christmas?

in Nintendo Discussion 16 hours ago

Personally I think this would be their greatest move since MK8. Dropping $170 off the console price would work wonders for Wii U. If the games require gamepad support then you should just be able to buy a Gamepad or a unit that already has a gamepad. They should just phase out the Basic(sure they already did) and replace some of that cost of the gamepad with extra HDD space. My point, the pad...

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Welcome, Hyrule Warriors [Poll for Hyrule Warriors]

in Nintendo Discussion 16 hours ago

My bro hates it when I call him my bro. Anyway, I haven't played a Dynasty Warriors styled game yet but I think this will be the first. Should hold Zelda fans over until Zelda Wii U next year. With all the characters from previous Zelda titles included I would think this is a must have for Zelda heads....


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About Me: Not much to say here. Umm... I was born playing videogames starting with Gameboy and then I worked my way all the way up til today. I enjoy drawing, watching Dragonball, Inuyasha, and all kinds of Anime/Manga. I hope to go to school to be a Game Designer and Scenario Writer like Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii.

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