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    < Ljink96 Leston, if you haven't heard of him yet, you will..very soon.
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    < StarOcean posted something on Ljink96's wall:

    I just saw you comment on a Youtube vid and was like: omg I know you from VGChartz XD I had to post here after

    Uh oh...which comment did you see? XD

    on 02 November 2016

    The one from the CUPodcast about the weird lookinh dude who told people to vote Hilary XD

    on 02 November 2016

    Oh, you watch the CU podcast? Cool. I just want this election to be over.

    on 02 November 2016

    I love their opinions on the CU Podcast. I mostly listen for Ians input though. Pat can seem a little distant when talking about anything passed 5th Gen x.x

    on 02 November 2016

    That's how a lot of NES guys act. I have a history of gaming class and the professor, although highly achieved, doesn't like talkint about games past the mid 80's-mid to late 90's. l do appreciate how enthusiastic pat is about this era though.

    on 02 November 2016

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Ljink96's wall:

    You`re American? :O I always thought you were a Brazilian!

    LOL! What made you think that?

    on 21 October 2016

    I don`t even know. Did you post a pic of yourself one time? Maybe I thought you looked Brazilian or something.

    on 21 October 2016

    Nope, never posted a picture. The last picture I saw posted was Onionberry's :-P

    on 21 October 2016

    You sure? I thought you said you used your own pic as your avy for awhile in Spemanig`s thread? Or have I just confused you for someone else? :P

    on 21 October 2016

    Yeah, I think you confused me with Spemanig! He changed from Croagunk I think, to his writer picture.

    on 21 October 2016

    Oh, no, not Spemanig. It was LipeJJ I confused you with. He actually is Brazilian so that explains that. How I confused you with him though... who knows? :P

    on 21 October 2016

    < Kerotan posted something on Ljink96's wall:

    I seen you're a dragon quest fan. Are you getting dragon quest builders?

    You bet! Already have it. I don't like Minecraft but this game is excellent so far. Hopefully NA gets DQXI on PS4 as well, that's what I'm really waiting for.

    on 14 October 2016

    Same here. The price is still too high for me though but nice to see you're enjoying it.

    on 14 October 2016

    < Ljink96 updated his status:

    Leston, if you haven't heard of him yet, you will..very soon.

    < Ljink96 updated his status:

    Why don't you just jump on the apple juice, and I'll be your friend. Why don't you just jump on the apple juice, and I'll be your friend.

    Don't be afraid of the mice deep down, they will be your friend. Don't be afraid of the mice in your town, they will be your friend...

    Don't ask questions.

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    Write 37

    $220 for an NES mini...

    in Nintendo Discussion 15 hours ago

    Nintendo is screwing themselves over. There are people who won't care anymore by the time more shipments arrived. They needed to strike while the iron was hot. i mean, they still have Christmas but come on, most people do christmas shopping during November due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And we still haven't gotten official numbers for how it has sold yet. This makes me really believe...

    Write 24

    Have Sony decided to deliver more and more on nostalgia and go back to the basics?

    in Sony Discussion 17 hours ago

    I think they're doing a damn fine job managing their IP at the moment as well as their exclusives. I would say that nostalgia and back to basics are different camps generally but in this case I think they're effectively doing both. Hats off to them....

    Write 10

    Ni no Kuni II (PS4) launches 2017, PSX 2016 trailer

    in Sony Discussion 1 day ago

    BasilZero said: Swordmasterman said: Do I need to play the first to understand the plot, or is the sequel a Stand Alone?   More than likely a standalone sequel but will have aspects and easter eggs from the first game.   You should try the first game, its worth the price for it is now.   Gameplay is a bit eh but story, presentation, etc is...


    Occupation: 3D Generalist

    University: Indiana Univeristy

    Height: 5'9

    Build: Other

    Eye colour: Other

    Hair colour: Black

    Zodiac sign: Cancer

    Relationship status: Single

    Favourite Games: Dragon Quest 3, 7, 8, Final Fantasy 4, 5, , Lufia 2, 3 , Rouge Galaxy, Kirby Superstar, Golden Sun, Skies of Arcadia, Pokemon(ALL OF EM), Tales of Phantasia&Symphonia, Zelda: OoT, Zelda: Wind Waker, Minecraft, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ni No Kuni, Sonic The Hedgehog 1,2, Heroes, Adventure 1, Adventure 2, (NOT THE ATARI GAMES, SONIC ONES), Super Mario Galaxy 1+2, Super Mario 3D Land, Grandia, I could go on forever.

    Favourite Music: Classical!!!

    Favourite Films: Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, Lion King, Fly Boys, Saving Private Ryan, The Lion King, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Jack, Super Mario Bros. Movie... JUST KIDDING:D

    Favourite Books: How to Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, Bible, Zelda: Hyrule Historia

    Favourite Food: Pizza, everything Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

    Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Game Design(3DS MAX), Making RPG maker games, Playing videogames

    About Me: Not much to say here. Umm... I was born playing videogames starting with Gameboy and then I worked my way all the way up til today. I enjoy drawing, watching Dragonball, Inuyasha, and all kinds of Anime/Manga. I hope to go to school to be a Game Designer and Scenario Writer like Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii.

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