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    What's the best way to break up with someone because they're fat?

    in General Discussion on 04 August 2013

    Do it at a mcdonalds. let them buy whatever they want. they'll be distracted. trust me....

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    How would you rate the Microsoft Conference? Everything you wanted?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 May 2013

    Iadmit, i enjoyed this more than the PS4 conference just because i feel that what the Xbox1 fits more of what i'm looking for. I think the ps4 is cool but they need to show a lot more, otherwise its just a ps3 with better graphics.... PS: i'm a Nintendo fan.......

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    What game have you rack up the most hours playing?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2013

    cbarroso09 said:monster hunter tri on wii, 800+ hrs xenoblade chronicles on wii, 180+ hrs monster hunter 3ultimate wii u, 180+hrs so..you tryna hunt?...

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    What game have you rack up the most hours playing?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2013

    right now...150 in Monster Hunter 3 U...

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    Will the PS4 outsell the XBox One and WiiU?

    in Sales Discussion on 28 April 2013

    do you guys even know the price?...

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    Nintendo not holding traditional E3 press conference this year?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 April 2013

    I'm not bothered by this decision at all. You're still getting the same software that they would have announced if there was a press conference. The only difference is, they aren't spending as much money showing it to you. I think there are many things to worry about with Nintendo, this shouldn't be one of them. ...

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    The Official Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Thread! PLEASE Join the Hunt!

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2013

    VGC-Name NNID max quest level pro/experienced/newb prefered weapons timezone Active? VGC - itsjabby nnid - itsjabby max quest - 1 exp - newb weapon - hammer and db timez - pacific active - very much so add me, lets hunt...

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    What franchises won't transition into next generation well?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 April 2013

    DmC? I think I cheated with that response......

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    Monster Hunter 3 has Wii U sales rocket in Europe

    in Sales Discussion on 01 April 2013

    think-man said:It's going to need about a 700% increase a week to match its younger brother. would it be older brother? or father? i'm bad at these things......

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    Do you support gay marriage or not? What is your reasons?

    in General Discussion on 27 March 2013

    chapset said:Not if gays start to get married anyone of them might marry me without me knowing about it, they might even force me to turn gay, I chose to like women and no supreme court can tell me what to do with my life, jesus wouldn't like that i assume you are kidding......

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    Now that we know next gen will be powerful enough, I think devs should finally make a....

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2013

    This looks kind of wierd...it makes me want to know more about the story because it doesn't make sense as of right now. Lol maybe i have to buy it.  and what the hell was that taser thing trying to do...pretty dumb...

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    Will the PS4 be a revolution to the industry?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 March 2013

    well i'm not sure how it will change the market. there isn't much that is new or hasn't already been done. If anything, it will add to the already defined market. Its like the iPhone 5: not much different from the 4s, but beefed up what it already had. ...

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    Put a fork in the Wii U, it is done. [Sensible discussion only, no flaming]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 March 2013

    i was hoping for facts...guess not!...

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    When will Nintendo wake up to the Wii U issues?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 March 2013

    once there is a real issue, nintendo will respond! ...

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    Ubisoft wants a Wii U price cut

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 March 2013

    i feel like this is a thread elsewhere... hmmm...

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    Pre-Mature, but will PS4 be first place in sales next-gen?

    in Sales Discussion on 09 March 2013

    Let's wait until we get a price..or what the ps4 can offer...or hell, what the damn thing looks like....

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    Can the Vita start to outsell the 3DS in NA?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 March 2013

    ...NO They might be able to lead the week GoW comes out. but let's be real, how many games does the 3ds have coming this year? the 3ds is set. game. and match. ...

    Write 131

    So it's widely known as a fact that many Nintendo games have ridiculous legs. But here's the question that no one really bother to ask...why is this so?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 March 2013

    Don't know, and don't care! They make good games that I want to play. Who cares about what every other gamer does. I'm buying the games for me..not them....

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    Let's be honest. What team are you on? (MASSIVE UPDATE)

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 February 2013


    Write 14

    I Don't Understand How Anyone Could Trust James Cameron After This Generation

    in General Discussion on 23 February 2013

    fo' real...

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