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Hiku said:

Burning Typhoon said:

If memory serves, Resident Evil: Code Veronica was renamed (It was supposed to be resident evil 3) Because Sony had a deal with Capcom to have a resident evil trilogy released on the PS1.  Resident Evil 3 was developed probably by an outsourced studio.  Of course they had access to everything used in RE2's development, but rendering the same scenes at different angles no doubt took a while.

Remake 3 isn't going to have pre-rendered backgrounds, and will take place in much of the same areas as resident evil 2.  Items like handguns, cranks, etc don't need to be redone either.  same area, same time period.  Some things will be marginally different as the setting collapses to the zombie outbreak, but these are minor things that aren't the same as creating entirely new areas and scenes.

Not that it's important, but it says here that RE3 was developed internally by Capcom. It was just a different team than before.

Though about REmake 3, I haven't played the original in a long time, but I feel like it mainly takes place in different environments. I skimmed through a speedrun on the original RE2 and RE3 to refresh my memory, and that seems to be the case. I'm not sure how many of the Raccoon City street areas were the same as before, but from a different angle. Because a lot of what I saw looked completely different.
And according to the developers, the intention was to make it feel different from the RE2 environments. "The developers noted that the city setting allowed them to create more varied environments."

Even if there was a street in the original RE3 that was the same as in RE2, but from a different angle (still need to find verification on that), I'm not so sure they'll commonly just re-use that street from REmake 2. (Not that you spend much time in the streets in RE2 or REmake 2 anyway.)
Because in those cases the player was supposed to see an environment they'd never seen before.

Considering how much of REmake 2 takes place in areas you didn't see even in the original RE2, I wouldn't be surprised if they made such a street an entirely new one instead. Because there will already be some overlap in the game. Most notably part of the Police Station.
So I think they'll be mindful to keep that from getting out of hand.

They already have a lot of other assets to re-use to speed up production.

Burning Typhoon said:

So RE3's development time really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

It depends on when they started. If they started after REmake 2, then even if it comes out at the end of 2020, that does seems quick to me for a game of this caliber, even all things considered.
For example, Persona 5 Royal came out 3 years after Persona 5. And that game is literally the same game as the original, but with extra content. And to render a character, object or background in P5 obviously takes a lot less effort than in a game like REmake that sports highly detailed textures.

If REmake 3 began development 2.5 years ago, then it makes me wonder what changed at Capcom around that time to make them comfortable making decisions like that again.

I hardly played the original RE3 either.  I didn't even play enough of it it get to the Police station to begin with.  All of the city backgrounds are different, but the police station sections are lifted directly from RE2.  They better use the city as an excuse for varied environments, considering how many areas of the police station were directly from RE2.  Some areas haven't been graphically changed at all.


As for Remake 3, of course they're going to use the same cars building textures, etc.  It's a city, and I'd think they'd have Jill's areas on different streets, but in the same connected city for consistency...  And, I found this.. All the way back from 2012...