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ironmanDX said:
Mr Puggsly said:

But given the option, I think I would always choose 1440p/60 fps. 1440p is already a sharp presentation. At that point 60 fps will have more impact on gameplay than 4K.

Instead I think visually demanding games are gonna be more like 1440p-1800p/30 fps. Which is fairly common on premium consoles right now. Not just because of CPU limitations, but 60 fps is also taxing on GPU.

Even for story driven games if the 60 meant a sacrifice to other effects though?

"Instead I think visually demanding games are gonna be more like 1440p-1800p/30 fps."

I'd be more than happy with this. I'd even go down to 1080 for 60fps on incredibly demanding multiplayer games. 60 is more of a concern for me than resolution for multiplayer. I'm just really hoping on devs giving us more options next generation when it comes to letting us decide on how to play.

Just a few basic option "sliders". I feel like I'm asking too much but am optimistic anyway.

Depends on what we're talking about here. I think I would opt for 1440p/60 fps over 4K/30 fps in any game. Even some of the more story driven experiences because the controls feel more responsive. However, I don't think its a bad idea for cutscenes to be 30 fps if they really push visuals there like Gears 5 and Halo 5.

I would still opt for 60 fps even if it has some impact on graphics settings. Forza Horizon 4 for example takes a hit on graphics in 60 fps mode but still looks great. I suspect they may have even dropped some settings because they may require extra CPU power, which should be less of an issue for 9th gen hardware.

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