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Technarchy said:
Scarlett needs to be able to run every single Xbox One X game at a rock solid 4K and 60fps. There can't be a drop of dynamic resolution or frame drops.

If Scarlett can't do that it will be underpowered out the gate. Nothing about an X1X game should be taxing on Scarlett.

I think its gonna take a massive GPU and CPU boost to make something like RDR2 4K/60 fps. Sometimes people forget doubling the frame rate is a huge drain on the GPU and CPU. The X1X only does 4K/30 fps (with dips) and it still averages $349-$399.

Gears 5 is well optimized and already built with 60 fps in mind. DF said its dynamic between 1584p-2160p, something like that could become 4K/60 fps more easily on Scarlett. I suppose Halo Infinite will also be 4K/60 fps.

My expectations aren't that high for Scarlett. I don't expect it to trounce X1X like you suggest because that sounds very expensive.

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