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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Indeed because it never stopped doing something since the conception,so i also wonder what he views as "something".

I clearly added "Nothing... at our time scale". Why do people always forget part of what you say when replying or disagreeing or debating?

Anyway at our time scale the universe does absolutely nothing. For something to happen in the universe millions of years must pass. Try to see a star move away from where you see it today. It does move but by the time it does, you'll be so long dead and forgotten, your entire civilization may be too.

So at our scale, the universe does nothing, it just stand there, big and static and that's all. So I decided I don't like the universe and in accordance with the topic of this thread: I will not thank the universe for its laziness (as perceived at our time scale).

Buuuut it is not static as it is in constant movement and also at our time scale,we ourselves and anything in this Milky Way is moving extremely fast around the Black hole in the center,thank the hole! :p

You do not need to see it for it to exist.