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I'm posting a Tier just because, why not?

Tier 1: Pragmatic Center-Left
1. Amy (I know she doesn't stand a chance, but neither do most of the candidates)
2. Pete (I'll ride this hype train until it crashes in South Carolina)
3. Biden

Tier 2: The Warren Tier
1. Warren

Tier 3: I don't know what these people want or stand for
1. Harris (It's a shame. I had high expectations for her)
2. Booker

Tier 4: Ego, vanity campaigns.
1. Bloomberg (In another reality, he could have been a good candidate. I despise him for running now)
2. Steyer (Debate spam)

Tier 5: No explanation needed.
1. Sanders (At least he has good intentions)
2. Yang

Tier 6: Kremlin-backed Republicans
1. Trump
2. Gabbard

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