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Mnementh said:
Jaicee said:

I think it depends who is using the term and in what context. I know plenty of feminist women who use the term SJW.

SJW is a term that I associate with condescending opportunists who don't legitimately believe in the social equality-oriented causes they purport to so much as they enjoy appearing to be more cultured and sophisticated than say people who lack a college degree and reporting people on the internet for disagreeing with them. An SJW, at least in my mind, can be identified by their frequent use of terms like "intersectionality"  and "cisgender" like Jane Average knows what the hell you're talking about and condemnation of people who don't embrace politically correct lifestyles like veganism that ordinary working class people might not be able to afford.

AVERAGE PERSON: We need to support Planned Parenthood and other women's health providers...
SJW (WHO IS NOT TRANS): Watch your cis!
AVERAGE PERSON: What does that mean?
SJW: Educate yourself!

Of course, I get called one too from time to time too, but it's always by guys with underdressed "waifu" and/or Pepe the Nazi frog avatars who use terms like "gynocentrism" in casual conversation and assume normal, rational people who follow credible news sources not only understand what that means but furthermore agree with them and also once used the #gamergate hashtag, so...you know, I recognize that any concept can be abused by people who are so far out there on the right that everyone looks like Stalin to them.

ME: I like Star Wars.
MRA: I do too except they should bring George Lucas back bcuz of all this gynocentrism.
ME: What does that mean? Like there are too many women on-screen for you or something?
MRA: Don't call me a sexist. I believe the sexes are equal, it's just women today have pink hair and want special treatment.
ME: ...

It seems all the more extreme groups try to set themself apart with a special language. if you need a dictionary to talk to one of these people, something is probably wrong. And even if they are well-intentioned… if you fail to communicate with normal persons your ideology will probably not win.

Most sects of feminism are intersectional even if not explicitly stated. And feminists aren't an extreme group. Feminism, usually within communities of color, use intersectionality to describe different ways we're systemically oppressed. A queer latin transwomen will have different struggles than a straight white cis women. It's just common sense.

Learning new words are a part of life and the definitions of intersectionality and cisgender aren't difficult to learn. Saying a group is extreme because in your personal vocabulary you don't know words they do is mind boggling. I'm sure most people didn't know what Trans meant or pansexual but that doesn't mean they were an extreme group. And people eventually adjusted to using those terms.

And I'll just add, every trans person knows what cisgender means because that's part of realizing you're trans. It's like "okay I'm trans but what are people who're born with their gender matching their sex?? Cis. Okay they're cis." Obviously that's not how it goes but it's the best illustration I could come up with rn lol I'm tired.

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