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Lynn said:
Sony fans are in denial. Game after game the 360 beats the PS3 but they ignore it or say 'Wait'. Madden 08 will run at 60 FPS on the 360 and 30 on the PS3. Why is that? Because the 360s GPU is far superior to the PS3s GPU. Look at 'The Darkness' on both systems. The 360 is far superior again. How much evidence to you Sony fanboys need?

As in FAR superior is incorrect, there is no game that looks way better on the 360, the reason why the graphics look better on 360 is generally(your probably looking at gamespot images) because the cell is so much faster than the xenos that when you port the game that you easily developed for on the 360 on to the ps3 not only does it get messed up you have to change the entire coding and everytin, and the time for that is limited therefore they work on it a little bit and then release the game. The only game that was actually re developed for the ps3 was oblivion, and the ps3 version looks better than the 360 version.BIg exclusive games like uncharted(whicih by the way looks beter than gears of war) will show you what the ps3 is capable of just lok at haze, a game that looks almost like crysis.