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JRPGfan said:
Machiavellian said:
So Trump lost his battle to his tax returns in New York and also in his appeals case. I am wondering how long before we start to see these tax reports made public. I personally really did not care that much to see them as I am pretty sure it will show that Trump is in a lot of debt and of course does not have the fortune he has claimed for years but since he has put up such a fuss over them, it should be interesting to see if they actually contain anything positive. Either way it should be interesting to see what he was hiding so much or was it all a dude.

The pessimist in me, believes he doesnt want to show them, because theres something to hide in there.
If its normal for every single president in US history to show them, and hes the only exception to the rule, and he wont do it even when hes been told legally he must (in this case)?

Why go through all that trouble? even if its just something small and innocent like tax evasion (which is basically a given with him imo).
Probably more drastic than that.

He's not the only one, showing your tax returns as a president (or presidential nominee) only really started in 1974 due to a rumor about Nixon giving himself some tax benefits, and releasing his tax returns showed that that wasn't true. Before him, only Roosevelt and Truman made their Tax returns public, though until Trump everyone after Nixon followed that tradition.

However, not everybody released complete tax returns, some only went with Form 1040, which leaves out crucial information. Gerald Ford for instance just submitted a summary from 10 years of tax returns without much details.