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So it appears that the Fed Chair sent a broadside over to Trump concerning the "Unsustainable Government Debt".

Since the Tax cuts and the national debt ballowing, we have heard nothing from Trump on the debt and his solution to it raising during his presidency, compared to when he was on the campaign trail telling us his great solution to solving it. After a bunch of rate cuts to keep us from a recession, it appears that the Fed is not willing make any more cuts and pretty much told the President to get the debt in line or risk the economy growth going below where it currently at.
I am not sure about anyone else, but I definitely do not have any confidence in Trump trying to tell the Fed head what to do based on his previous management of his own properties. I have this feeling that Trump is more than happy to continue to pour gasoline on the economy as long as it make him look good in the short term while nuking us in the future for his own benefit.