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Ganoncrotch said:
curl-6 said:

Asphalt 9, paid version.

You play some of it? The paid elements of the free version are pretty light on the head wreck side at least for 2 days of straight play as long as you know how to jump from car to car when they need to "refuel" really lovely game though, reminds me of all the best things about PS2 era burnout.

Yeah took it for a spin; strikes me as the kind of game I'll jump into from time to time to take a break from games that take a long time to play through like Witcher 3, as a pallet cleanser.

I too really liked how reminiscent it is of old school arcade racers in its over-the-top jumps, destructive setpieces, colourful locales, and frantic sense of speed. Feels like ages since I'd played a game like that, seems like most racing days these days are so dull and realistic. Plus it's absolutely gorgeous, easily in the top 5 best looking Switch games so far in my book.