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d21lewis said:
I don't know. There was a time where you NEEDED sports games to survive and somewhere along the way, EA became the only company in tried to produce certain games. Capcom pretty much owns the fighting game industry with Street Fighter. Activision and Call of Duty are THE go to online shooter for many gamers. Rockstar leads the industry in immersive open world games.

But somehow the Switch is doing great without top tier support from any of them so... fuck 'em.

Mortal Kombat and Tekken sell better than Street Fighter nowadays, and Smash outsells both of them. And the Switch got MK, and has a sort-of Tekken.

As for sports, other than baseball, which is dominated by a first-party game now (Sony's MLB The Show), Nintendo never was big into sports, and 2K does at least support them with NBA 2K. Fun fact: in 2018, NBA 2K sold better in the US than Madden did. It's too bad that Nintendo doesn't talk with Konami about bringing PES to the Switch.