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For slow readers: the TL;DR version: JUST GIVE US SWITCH FIT ALREADY, NINTENDO!

And a central tracking system (could come with Switch Fit).

This is the second app (Fitness Boxing being the first) where Nintendo has done something good, but came far from the "compelling software" mark that they could hit by simply releasing a sequel to a product they already make.

Just like boxing, I like the looks of it, but it is too limited compared to something like Switch Fit.
But why does Nintendo keep giving us these vertical slices without some sort of central tracking system?

What I really want is a predictable goal-based application full of exercise routines updated for the Switch. While the adventure mode seems like it will be fun, I can't see it having longevity (I still play Wii Fit on Wii U at least 4 or 5 times a month, and maybe weigh in on it most days) due to the lack of predictability and customizability of the routines and experience. It looks like the progress based gameplay is not global (like Wii Fit U) but limited to the adventure mode which, to be fair, looks like something I wouldn't play more than a month (although I need to see more).

One thing I REALLY like about this is the Quiet Mode. I can clearly remember 1-4am nights where I spent a few minutes playing Wii Fit and then from the kid's room "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" -- That is a HUGE positive for me.

All in all, I like that they're finally putting more fitness applications on the Switch, but it feels like a step down from Wii Fit.

What I was REALLY hoping for with the Switch was a universal Fitness center (the central tracking system I discussed above) that collects activity using data from all of the apps and walking (since the Switch is mobile and presumably has some active processes in sleep mode). At the very least, a mobile app that allows data to be synced with the Switch. Nothing like that has come out, and it seems so obvious, especially over the last few years where fitness apps have been popular. As well, these sort of Wii Fit vertical slice apps would be much more appealing (as well as motion-based games in general). But that wouldn't mean I wouldn't want a more robust Switch Fit app as well. I'd love something to tell me how many calories I've burned, the level of light vs. heavy exercise, the number of people in games I have punched and how that translates to calorie burning, etc...

In short:

* Switch Health and Activity Center - collects data from all motion and fitness apps, including everything listed below:
* Switch Fit - customizable exercise routines updated for the Switch and more robust than the last Wii Fit U.
* Vertical Slice fitness apps - like Fitness Boxing and this Adventure Ring Experience.
* Motion games - like ARMS, Wario Ware, Wii Sports, Rock Band, Just Dance.

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