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Chrkeller said:
I never picked up Xenoblade 2, I heard navigation is clumsy and leads to wondering around blindly for too long. But I also heard the navigation system was patched. Any thoughts?

I'll explain... You have an arrow on the top center of your screen that points to where your next objective is. It also tells you how far is it with a number.

The "problem" is that the arrow will only tell you the direction. Not the height. So... you could be at 1 or 0 "meters" from your objective, but you wouldn't see anything because it's either above or beneath you. Or you could get as close as 30 meters, but be unable to get any closer because the objective is so high or so low that those meters are actually the vertical distance that separates you from it.

This might be a little confusing at first, specially when most of the early objectives are on the same altitude as your current position. But once you know what's going on, it's pretty easy to figure it out.

I don't see it as an actual problem though...