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The_Liquid_Laser said:
RolStoppable said:

This is the week after Obon, so everything dropped. Fire Emblem's drop is in line with the rest of the top 10.

The launch of Switch Lite should easily be above 100k for the Lite alone in that week, so Switch software should naturally see increases across the board. Depends on what you consider a big spike, but Fire Emblem should see at least some boost; most of the benefits will go to the usual evergreens.

When I say "falling" and "spiking" I am referring to chart position.  The raw numbers put this FE at 221k so far.  Fates sold about 100k more during it's first week alone in Japan.  At first glance it seems like Fire Emblem has lost some of its base in Japan.  I am wondering if they are actually just waiting for the Lite edition in order to get Fire Emblem.

People are saying that the game alone is expensive but when you buy it using the vouchers it becomes cheaper. 

But sale decline will be seen on handheld franchises. Like Pokemon and Animal Crossing. I dont expect Pokemon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing new horizon to beat the 3DS games. This is just because of the amount of Switch sold in Japan. So unless the Switch lite is able to boost Switch sales closer to the 3DS Sales (including future price drops) then I dont see those games beating its games on the 3DS. 

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