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thismeintiel said:
Dulfite said:
I want games to look and feel like block buster movies at theaters, and not like soap operas. When my TV is set to higher fps things I watch look weird and overly fluid, taking away from the epicness of it all. Graphics over frame rate for all the RPGs, frame rate for sports games.

100% agreed. It's the same reason 48fps failed for films. It no longer looks like an epic movie, but a cheap soap opera, no matter how much is spent on the effects.

Personally, if a game is aiming for realism, I prefer 30fps (actually Infamous:SS around 35-40fps looked pretty good, too.) If it's a racing game, a twitch shooter, or has cartoony graphics, 60fps is good.

Yep! I'll Lord of the Rings over the Hobbit visually anyday!