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Rafie said:
Burning Typhoon said:
For Sony, PS4, hands down. Low powered CPU, recycled last gen games, and just overall bad performance, (hence PS4 pro)
For Microsoft, Xbox One. Always on, always watching kinect. The fact they tried it.
For Nintendo, N64. I didn't grow up with Nintendo consoles. I don't like the Gamecube or N64 controllers, but the graphics on the N64 are worse than Gamecube. Also, cartridges, which meant worse sound than the PS1.

Really no different than both the Xbox One and the Switch. Right?! I'm also confused as to the overall bad performance. How was the vanilla PS4 performing poorly?

Sub-1080p and frame dips, constantly?  I have both a PS4, and a PS4 pro, and every playstation for that matter.  PS4 is a shame, as well as the pro model.  Guilty Gear Xrd, Dead or Alive 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Uncharted 1-3, God of War 3, Beyond: Two souls.  The PS4 is basically PS3.5, and still crap at 1080p gaming.  Frame rates are better with the pro, but even still...  It's shameful.  So, when I want to play Tekken 7, or any other multi-plat, I do it on PC.

My PS3 gets more use than any of my other consoles. 

I do not understand what you mean about the Switch.  It's a handheld device, and I'm not playing multi-plats on it.  It's my first Nintendo console, and I've been Sony/Sega biased my entire life.  I've never been a Nintendo fan, but the switch is great.  I use my PS3 more, than my Switch, but my Switch more than my PS4.  I use my Sega Genesis more than my PS4.

I'm not getting Doom on switch, I have a PC for that.  I'm not playing any multi-plat on console.  I have a PC for that.  I'm using consoles specifically for the exclusive content/features.  If I get a game for the switch, it's because I can't get it for anything else, or I want the added ability to play away from the TV.

And as for Xbox, I'm not forgetting the BS microsoft was doing.  I have forza, gears of war, killer instinct, etc.  I play them on PC.  Xbox live is free on PC.  The xbox catalogue is on PC.  I have no use for one.

The original Xbox introduced features that consoles until it didn't have, like hard drives.  The 360, had it's massive failure rate and RRoD issue.  Literally everyone I knew with  360, all my friends, siblings, a few cousins, they all got RRoD.  I forgot about that when I was coming up with my list but I'm not touching another microsoft console again.  The original Xbox is just the one I disliked the least.

I also find it weird that people claim the PS3 was overprice, despite the price of that console dropping considerably since release.  If they included backwards compatibility, the same PS4 console would be 600 dollars too, with the added benefit of playing older games.  It didn't STAY 600 dollars, and there was always a cheaper model.  Why complain about the flagship model when there were other variants that did almost the same exact thing?