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Bandorr said:

And the switch argument is BS. They didn't red herring anything. It started with an S. That was the beginning, the middle, and the end. That is on Nintendo fans, and them alone.  Oh and I guess that whole "but he is in smash" BS. Ignoring that he is in Persona Q2. Like how Cloud was added WAY before FF7 was on a Nintendo system.

Cloud is a gaming icon from the most famous JRPG series ever. Joker is a forgettable character from a somewhat niche modern JRPG. Cloud deserves a spot in the game just for being who he is. Joker doesn't. And don't come at me with the Persona Q2 thing. That one is even more niche than P5.

All things considered, thinking that P5 was coming to the Switch after the announcement of Joker in Smash was a pretty valid reasoning. Specially when all those Persona related titles started to pop out.