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Intrinsic said:
thismeintiel said:

Ah, a fellow BLUfer. I had the Life One X as well. No complaints other than the battery, like you said. Still wasn't the worst battery I've had on a phone, just kinda in the average zone. Sadly, after about a year or so, the mic died on me.

Then, I got a good deal on an Alcatel Idol 4s, like $220 for the phone and VR headset. Loved the dual speakers and sharp display. But, the battery crapped out on me in a year or so. Got the Vivo + and have been very satisfied with it.

And its stuff like this I never quite get. I mean I guess its ok if you absolutely can't afford to spend more on a phone, but I don't know.

Sounds to me like you have spent ~$750 on 3 phones in 3 years.

My girlfriend did the same thing, she insisted on not spending me than $270 on a phone and got an Asus Zenphone. One year later the thing stopped taking a charge and she started bitching about how this is why she hates buying phones. Told her that you get what you pa for and she should consider doubling her budget. She went onto to get a Oneplus 5T and has been using it for almost 2 years now and swears that its the best phone she ever has had and how she would ever buy a phone from any other brand.

 I, on the other hand, replace my phone every 3 years. I literally put $20 aside every month for three years towards my "phone budget" then take that money at the 36th month and buy whatever best phone I can get at that price.

I adopt the same budgeting approach towards buying my consoles too lol.

My phone did cost barely over 200$ give or take, I'm using it now for about a year and everything is perfect. The performance is pretty good (Snapdragon 660), the screen too, Android One means swift updates over a long period. The only complaint I have about my phone is that the camera isn't stabilized, so I really need a steady hand when taking pictures.