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CosmicSex said:
So, regarding the Switch: Are people waiting on the revisions? I would. Even the 299 one. Seems better to wait that to by now. PS4 is just steady enough to keep trucking along. And this is without the long overdue pricecut. When the Lite launches, says should sky rocket. I personally prefer the one that connects to the TV but at $199 it is more accessible especially if you are buying for a younger person.

Possibly, the gray Switch is dropping, after all.

I don't know why the neon Switch doesn't show up in the videogame charts. It's charting in the Switch top 100 at #2, which would translate as 9th or 10th spot in the videogame charts. Maybe it's due to it's price being hidden until you put it into your cart (it's $297 btw), but that by itself doesn't make any sense at all.