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KLAMarine said:

"He is telling them they have no right to their opinions"


Please dude.  If you want to act pendant that's fine but no one in this thread is that stupid.  You can willfully play the fool on that point but your argument is empty or non argument since you posted a question instead of a rebuttal.  I guess you have nothing which is obvious by this response.

"You have no clue what it feels like to have someone question your rights to live, have an opinion and a position in your country because you do not look like what they believe is the standard American citizen.  You have no idea how insulting it is for someone to even suggest you go back to where they believe you came from when you are a US citizen and a American."

>Oh, you know me? Please, tell me about me. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

lol, no I do not have to know you to tell this is not your experience in the US but educate me.  Are you an immigrant who has gone through the process of becoming a citizen of the US and had someone tell you to go back to your own country.  Why don't you enlighten me on your experience because I can definitely enlighten you on mine.  For every one example you give me, I will give you 2.