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0D0 said:
TruckOSaurus said:

Yes it does since Switch and Switch Lite have got the same library of games and the Switch has been counted against PS/XB since release.

But Switch was considered a home console, Lite isn't. The sales behauviour will be completely different considering that it's a handheld console like 3DS, much cheaper, families will buy multiple units, etc. Totally unfair if we compare Lite sales against true current gen home consoles.

Nothing is stopping Sony and Microsoft from offering Portable PS4 or XBO's. If Nintendo wants to make their Ecosystem available Natively at Home and on the Go, and Microsoft and Sony want to lock you to the Home or limit you to streaming only, on competitors devices on the go, that is their choice. Nothing unfair about it.

As for the Lite itself. I have no issue with the lack of TV Output, but I am a bit let down by the lack of rumble. I'm glad the screen has been reduced to 5.5", but it stillsounds a little bit too big (will have to have it in person for final judgement). Overall, I am proabably at about 70% excitement for it. Look forward to hearing more, and will definitly Pre-Order as soon as available. 

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