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curl-6 said:
Azuren said:

That doesn't make it groundbreaking, at very least not in the same realm as SM64 perfecting the 3D platformer genre.

Honestly, BotW hasn't done anything that other open world games haven't done at some point. Literally every element in BotW is present elsewhere. It's not revolutionary, it's just a masterpiece. Sometimes things don't have to be unique or "first" to be the best. Sometimes they just have to be well crafted.

Mario 64 wasn't the first 3D platformer. Halo wasn't the first console FPS. Mario Bros wasn't the first platformer. They just all took a new approach that made them work better than previous attempts. BOTW does the same. There had been open world games with some physics before, but none had ever incorporated such an organic unified system of physics and chemistry that allowed for exponential gameplay possibilities.

Mario 64 showed everyone a proper 3D platformer when Crash was still under the impression that a linear route was the only option.

Halo introduced the idea of regenerating health in FPS, something that literally every FPS does nowadays. Halo 2 also kicked online console shooters into the mainstream during a generation where not every platform even came with a modem.

Mario Bros just happened to do it correctly and in a format that everyone began to copy.

The difference here is BotW isn't being copied. It was the one that copied. No ground was broken, only perfected.

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