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jason1637 said:
Machiavellian said:

lol, Jason, do you live in the US.  We blame the police for everything.  Its rarely a time people do not blame the police.  If there are not enough police how do you fix that problem because manpower isn't something you can just brush off because its inconvenient to your point.  In other words, you need someone to blame and the police is always there to fit the bill, no matter if you understand the situation.  

I don't see enough people hold police responsible. People like you like to come up with silly excuses for them not doing their job properly. Manpower is not the issue. Not all of them but a good chunk of them are imcompetent.

I have a lot of friends who are police and I know how hard they work for a thankless job.  When the police do their job, you give no praise but you are quick to blame when something goes wrong.  A lot of things the police do you never see but it affects you and your well being.  You say I give silly excuses but not once did you give a solution I asked you about multiple times.  How do you fix a manpower issue during large protest.  When you can come up with an answer maybe your viewpoint can be taken seriously but right now its just "I want to blame the police because who else is there".  You do not have an answer so its probably best to just ignore the question.

Anyway, as long as you think they are not doing their job or incompetent you will always have someone to blame.