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Biggerboat1 said:
jason1637 said:

1.I'm not saying that I expect them to handle all crime. I expect them to be able to handle violence at protest because this isn't the first time it's happened. It's become common so they should know how to handle it by now. Well if you take a look at this maphttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Police_per_100,000_population_by_country_world_map.svgyou see that we have around the same amount of officers per 100k people compared to other western countries. 

2. Dude it's their job to go against these things. Don't become a cop if you can't handle the job.

3. I have lots of empathy. I feel for the guy that is suffering and that he thinks it's bad enough that he wants to end his life. I just don't believe that he should be supporting euthanasia because it's wrong. You can still be empathetic towards someone and not agree with their stances. I don't see it as noble just a waste of time. It's like if a terorrist that helped his community was about to die and trying to radicalize people in his last days. I'd see that as dumb too.

1. Your expectations aren't based on anything of any substance, that's the problem. I can expect my note 9 to have the same battery life as my old nokia 3210 but that isn't going to change battery technology... But that's what scientists are paid to do, right? They understand that that's what customers want when they take the job, right?? What a bunch of incompetents :|

Here's a nice supplement to your link

So apparently your police are way more productive than pretty much any other country's! Doesn't really fit your narrative, does it?

2. Again, you reduce the argument down to remedial level - it's very tedious.

3. You're saying that you feel empathy for the guy but a couple of posts back wrote 'I just don't have empathy for someone wasting their time on a cause I don't support.' - so which is it??

You're essentially doubling down on your position of 'if I don't agree with it then it's dumb' - well, I'm sorry but that's just plain arrogant.

There are far smarter folk on this forum than you or I that agree with the decriminalising of euthanasia...

You've also failed to establish why these views are dumb, apart from 'life is precious' & an unsubstantiated claim that it would lead to a rise in people taking their own lives. If you're going to shoot down other's arguments, then you better have your own pretty locked down... (fyi, they're not)

And the comparison with radicalisation is just silly.

1. Lol the comparison is bad. Phone batteries are getting better but police departments are not when it comes ot handling violence at protest. Yes officers do have hard and important jobs and it's important for them to know what their job entails before they take it because if they fail to do so they deserve to be scrutinized.

Incarceration rates don't mean much because of how flawed our criminal justice system is and how dumb some laws are.

2. Well excuse me for expecting a police officer to do their job.

3. Okay I misworded that post then. I fell empathy for situation but I don't feel empathy for the cause he is supporting.

I'm not saying you're dumb if you support a dumb cause like euthanasia. There are smart people that believe in not so smart things.

Well those claims I made seem locked down to me. I don't think the other arguments made for euthanasia are good or locked down.

The comparison could be better yeah but it's a fair one in this situation. Someone is about to die which sucks and they are spending their last days on something that's bad whether it be euthanasia or radicalisation.