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gamingsoul said:
The switch is doing really well, if it keeps going like this for a few years it could beat the ps4 or atleast get very close, but something everyone is not mentioning is the arrival of the new generation, right now the ps4 and Xbox are on the way out and nintendo is getting all the attention, but as soon as the new consoles arrive I wonder if the switch could keep selling so well, a price drop and mini switch could do it but new hardware will probably leave nintendo without triple aaa third party support, plus new stuff creates more hype, it will be very interesting to see what happens.

PS5 and Scarlet won't hurt the Switch. They address different niches in the market, rather than directly competing.

Plus it's looking likely the next gen consoles will be $500 USD; if a $300 PS4 at its peak didn't clash with a $300 Switch, a $500 PS5 won't clash with what will by then probably be a $250 or $200 Switch.