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jason1637 said:
Machiavellian said:

So how do you become better prepared when you do not have the personnel.  Its very easy to make this statement but I do not hear any solutions coming from you.  How do you police an area you do not have enough people to be in all areas at once.

So its the police fault because they do not have enough people is this the only way you see it.  Needless to say, I am guessing you have absolutely no experience in this area.  How many protest have you been a part of in during your time on this earth.  I have been in a few and I can tell you this.  If you believe that there will always be a cop around to support your right to protest while another side is counter to you exercising your right you will always have someone to blame but it will mean nothing if you are getting stomped into the dirt.

They have the personnel to send a sufficient amount of officers to these protest.

If this was the first time something like this has happened I won't be blaming the police. The issue is that this keeps happening and the police are not prepared. I'm not a protest person but I have been to a few. All cops have to do is stop people from getting seriously hurt. Get involved when they see that violence is about to erupt and try to stop it.

How do you know this.  You are making assumptions and you really are not looking at the complexity of the entire event.  How many cops do you need for a protest you do not know the size of the crowd until it gets there.  You have no clue who is coming from out of state and you still need police to do their normal jobs around the city.  Where are you getting your data they have sufficient personnel or is this just a guess.  Also when an incident breaks out in one part of a protest, how many cops will be needed for that.  How many cops are needed for the direct conflicts where both opposing sides are right next to each other.  It seems you have this simplistic view of the situation without really thinking about the complexity especially since it's not a stationary event. With incidents happening throughout the city, you believe that ever inch will have a police there to cover such a large area, that sounds very naive.

Lol, that's all the cops have to do is stop people from getting seriously hurt.  Man you must be very young because your statement is something out of some idealistic view with totally no experience in history.  This is why people find themselves at these protest getting stomped believing as you do.  Oh, well, at the end of the day, I suggest you never find yourself out on the street proclaiming your right to protest hoping their will be enough police in the area to make sure you do not get hurt.