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Biggerboat1 said:
jason1637 said:

1. The healthcare system we have currently is terrible. It's too expensive and millions don't have healthcare. Universal healthcare would cover everyone and would actually decrease the cost of healthcare so yeah I like it.

2. The vast majority of Americans can't afford a $500 bill so UBI would go along way. In the 70s there was a experiment done under the Nixon admin with 8.5k Americans from NJ, PA, and NC trying out UBI and the results were very positive. They found that it can be properly funded, people won't work less, it helped many poor communities, demand for labour increased, stronger marriages, moral and social conditions improved. Andrew Yang has pretty good policy proposal for this.

Yes 20 trillion is a large number and so is 790k police officers. If this was the first few times violence broke out at protest I would not be quick to blame the police but this continues to happen and it's the police's job to prevent this from happening.

Euthanasia is a dumb concept and the guy is wasting his last few days on it while he can be doing something productive.

You're missing the point. Policing, universal healthcare, UBI, these are all large, complex issues that even experts and professors argue over. So you just bashing out a sentence on each and acting like it's problem solved is a little silly... 

If the number of police was 990K, or 790K or 590K, you would have made the exact same point... It's a big number, so what's the police's problem!?

790K is only large or small when looked at in context. You think police forces aren't stretched and resources aren't scarce? I don't live in the states but from what I see & read the forces aren't exactly flush and crime rates are pretty high in many places... So it doesn't seem like it's the land of milk and honey you make it out to be.

So what would you do, take a couple of hundred officers off their normal duty, to stop a troublemaker reporter getting roughed up and instead what? You don't think there will be consequences for pulling those officers off their posts? What if you prevent 1 assault but fail to stop a couple of rapes and a murder? What if the department doesn't have the resources to fund overtime?

Your views are just so simplified and, I'll say it again, naive!

Which brings me to your last point "Euthanasia is a dumb concept and the guy is wasting his last few days on it while he can be doing something productive."

I mean, this sentence just sums up your whole approach - close-minded and arrogant. Who are you to tell anyone how they should live their last days? Who bestowed you with all the answers? Did you read the article? Both him and his wife seemed like intelligent, sensitive people who are wrestling with an awful situation in the most dignified way they can, only for some keyboard warrior to tell them they're doing wrong... I mean, if you are capable of any empathy at all, you're hiding it very well.

Would you have the balls to say that to their faces? I'm guessing no.

1. I never claimed it was problem solved. You mentioned me supporting them and I just said why I do.

990k and 590k are big numbers. But the point I'm trying to make is that the police have the resources and manpower. The reason some cities and towns have high crime rates is because they have incompetent cops that cant do their job right.

It's a simple pov but that's because it's not that complicated. The job of the police is ot maintain order and protect the people. When the police fault o do this they fail at their jobs. When the same incidents continue to happen its more obvious that the police lack protocall to handle them.

I'm not telling the guy how he should live his life. I just find what he's doing pointless and a waste of time and i'd suggest he do more positive things. If he wants to waste his last days campaigning for euthanasia then more power to the guy but I wouldn't recommend or support it.

I'm very empathetic. I'd say i'm one of the most empathetic people I know. I just don't have empathy for someone wasting their time on a cause I don't support. I would not say it to the guys face unless I was asked for my opinion.