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Biggerboat1 said:
jason1637 said:

https://datausa.io/profile/soc/333050/There are 790k officers nationwide.

Wow, you've certainly come up with a seriously insightful & nuanced argument there...

I guess you have no problem with universal healthcare & universal basic income then! I mean the US's GDP is >20 trillion and that sure is a big number!

I guess homelessness doesn't need to be a thing, there are nearly 150 million homes in the US and that's also a big number!

The answer to my original question, is no, you don't have any evidence.

1. The healthcare system we have currently is terrible. It's too expensive and millions don't have healthcare. Universal healthcare would cover everyone and would actually decrease the cost of healthcare so yeah I like it.

2. The vast majority of Americans can't afford a $500 bill so UBI would go along way. In the 70s there was a experiment done under the Nixon admin with 8.5k Americans from NJ, PA, and NC trying out UBI and the results were very positive. They found that it can be properly funded, people won't work less, it helped many poor communities, demand for labour increased, stronger marriages, moral and social conditions improved. Andrew Yang has pretty good policy proposal for this.

Yes 20 trillion is a large number and so is 790k police officers. If this was the first few times violence broke out at protest I would not be quick to blame the police but this continues to happen and it's the police's job to prevent this from happening.

Biggerboat1 said:
jason1637 said:

He's wasting his time. If he has time to fill out forms and campaign he should be doing more postive things in his last days.

Are you aware how arrogant & just plain mean this post comes off as?

Euthanasia is a dumb concept and the guy is wasting his last few days on it while he can be doing something productive.