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potato_hamster said:
RolStoppable said:


And here's an example of the same unreasonable argumentation:

You casted doubt on Switch having online multiplayer on launch day.

Aww that's sweet that you think it's an unreasonable argument to point out real world examples where expectations of a future console based on a current console turned out to be incorrect.

Ahh, right. How could I forget that there were rumors that the Switch wasn't actually going to have any online presence at launch at it turned out the rumors
were to do with the "Nintendo Switch Online" service and not online multiplayer itself. Yeah, super unreasonable. Great job quote mining out of context!

But thanks for once again proving that you keep a document on me.

IMO rumors threads need to be quarantined in their own part of the forums. Most rumors threads are flat out wrong. What's worse is that even after a rumor gets debunked, people continue to post in said thread forever. I wish debunked rumor threads were just locked, or moved to purgatory. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true.