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Barkley said:
potato_hamster said:

trying to determine that the cost of ownership of the Stadia vs the PS5/Xbox Scarlet is ridiculous because we know nothing about those platforms.

You could attempt to use a bit of intuition.

They will cost $400-$500.

They will require subscriptions for online.

That's all you need to know for a basic comparison. Is assuming either of those two things really "Ridiculous".

Is saying there will be mid-gen upgrades for PS5/XB2 ridiculous either? Most people would probably give a 50/50 chance of it happening at the very least.

None of these assumptions are "ridiculous" so the comparison isn't "ridiculous" either.

Do you really think pricing is going to be SO much different for the new consoles? No you don't.

Will they cost $400-$500? Will they require subscriptions for online?

PS2 owners intuition wouldn't have had them speculating the price of the PS3 to be "Five hundred ninety nine U.S. dollars"
PS3 owners intuition wouldn't have had them speculating that the PS4 would require subscriptions for online.
Launch day PS4 owner's intuition wouldn't have had them speculating that the PS4 Pro would ever come out.
Then there's backwards compatibility, something the PS4 totally lacks that the PS next gen has already been confirmed to have.
And so on... and so on.. and so on.. there are countless examples from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega etc.

In fact, I'd bet that those respective owners might think that speculating about such things would be ridiculous. So that's what this is. A pile of assumptions based on previous platforms. When doing so in the past has proven that previous platforms to not be reliable sources of information about new platforms.

But hey. if you want to keep making these assumptions and treating them as facts, go ahead. It's not like I'm stopping you.