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potato_hamster said:

Many people on this very site were convinced that Switch was going to be a prime example of just how far "scaling technologies" have come and getting the latest and greatest games from major third parties on Switch was going to be about as much work as getting a PS4 game to run on Xbox one. They could not have been more wrong. But what were they wrong about? Development tools, mostly, which is Nintendo's responsibility. There are several things Nintendo could have done to support third parties better and give them the tools they needed to make porting a PS4 game to Switch as easy as possible, and from what I've heard, Nintendo isn't doing anything more than what they were doing during the Switch days. Now, granted, I don't know if Nintendo has any special arrangements with Activsion/Blizzard or Bethesda or CD Project Red, but I don't suspect Nintendo is really any more concerned with what's going on outside Nintendo today than it was a decade ago.

There were just as many people if not more claiming Switch wouldn't get any AAA PS4/Xbone games cos it was "too weak". Those were the ones who were proved wrong. As for Nintendo not caring any more about third parties than they did before, they consulted with several third parties during the Switch's development and actually complied with requests from Capcom and others to increase the system's RAM to 4GB. There are also tons of developer testimonies of how much easier Switch is to work with compared to their past systems.



Panic Button spells it out: ""We have a long history developing for Nintendo hardware, and the Nintendo Switch has far better development tools than previous generations."

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