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KrspaceT said:
curl-6 said:

"Nintendo should abandon one of the fastest selling systems in history and go third party", LMAO.

That would be suicide for them, the market cannot support three similar systems to succeed, it never has. Going head-to-head with PS5 would be the Gamecube all over again. Nintendo succeed when they carve out their own niche instead of trying to be just be another Playstation/Xbox.

I'd actually be curious if the answer changes if Sony or Microsoft drop off. If there was only a Playstation or only an Xbox, could Nintendo try a power approach again? 

I adore my Switch and liked my Wii U (got plenty of use from it), so I have no problem with the current status beyond third party behavior. 

If Xbox dropped out of the race maybe, but I think at this point that the blue ocean mentality is so ingrained in Nintendo's culture and the hybrid concept has worked so well for them that even with only Playstation to compete against they'd still avoid making a powerful standard console.