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Let's start with the fact that FIFA 18 was reported to be satisfactory, and I am also aware that FIFA 19 was down across the board from what I've heard. VGChartz data also suggests FIFA 19 was moving better than FIFA 18 in the same period on Switch. 

This is also on top of the fact FIFA on Switch was gimped both times before this Legacy Edition insult.

Well firstly, being satisfied with something doesn't mean that you're happy with it. Besides, there is more FIFA coming so...

And secondly, sales figures aren't really that important for FIFA. Much more important is the micro-transaction revenue. How was that? Things that will maximise micro-transaction revenue are the focus for the PS4/Xbox versions anyway, so if the Nintendo version is seriously lacking in terms of micro-transactions then it's only natural it would receive much less attention from EA.

Bingo! And note that this strategy has been the core reason for their push into purchasing mobile companies and trying to transform them into casual  FarmVille revenue model. Microtransactions and predictable/sustainable revenue streams is what EA is all about.

More than any other company, EA has been transforming their AAA model into a sustainable revenue stream to adapt/change the old “here’s this year’s version of our AAA franchise, buy it!” 

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