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I didn't know that only 12 hours prior he had pointed out that "is" should have been "if" in a Cuomo tweet. Now while he totally could have spelled Wales incorrectly without knowing so, Trump trolling like he does, could have very well done so on purpose to cause a stir. While I'd like to assume he just misspelled it, he's enough of a sh*t disturber that he just may have done it on purpose, whether he figured the outrage would be over the misspelling and it's tie to Cuomo, or it's 'hidden meaning' of the Queen being fat, much like calling Markle "nasty" apparently. With Trump it's pretty hard sometimes to know if he's really screwing with you or not in his tweets.

Or it could be exactly what it is.  When a person shows you who they are you should believe them.  Trying to find the hidden lining is comical.  Trump continue to show you he is an idiot, and you continue to try to find some way to justify it.  Let me give you a hint.  If you look at Trump as the idiot he is, then view his tweets its very easy to see and know exactly what he is doing.  When you try to make something stupid appear deep or on another level is why you seem to have a problem.  

Even if Trump was trying to put some hidden meaning that the Queen is fat, it would still make him out to be an absolute idiot.  The question probably isn't that Trump is an idiot, its the question of how much.