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Amnesia said:
PAOerfulone said:

Just added Week 23 numbers and this marks the 6th week in a row where 2019 has lost to 2018. Granted it's not by much each week, and with some of the Switch's big guns like Yokai Watch 4, Super Mario Maker, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Dragon Quest XI S right around the corner, that streak should be coming to an end soon.

Confident you are. I expect it to just recover to a similar level as last year or just a little bit more. Only new Switch model and Pokemon would put it to a really higher level. Let's hope I am saying shit...

Well, there are quite a few Switch games that come out over the next months which should have some good sales in Japan, and thus push the console again.

That being said, the Switch might be getting too expensive for the general Japanese public, so maybe a pricecut would be in order before the end of the year