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CuCabeludo said:
CaptainExplosion said:

How would that be any different than Assad's regime?

Also, I thought American cops were recruited to prevent murders, not commit murder themselves.

Dozens of thousands Christians live in Syria and are allowed to publicly state they are christians. Rebels in Idlip US sustain and send weapons to use them as a proxy army to overthow Assad are mostly islamic fundamentalists, is they get into power, its over for freedom os religion in Syria.

Russia is bombimg these US-baked fundamentalists in Idlib and US is crying out loud Russia is killing "civilians", but at the same time US closes its eyes when Saudis carry out their genocyde bombings in Iemen cause their Allies.

It seems only US and its allies are allowed to bomb Middle East.

I'm no believer but thank god Russia is is helping the actual civilians.