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Barkley said:
Spindel said:

If I had a PS4/XBO I would probably be 100 % digital if I had one, why buy the disc if I have to install the game on the harddrive anyway?

- If you want to trade in or sell the game later.

- If you want to lend it to a friend.

- If you don't have fast internet.

- If you have a data cap.

- If you like having a physical item for collection purposes, i.e look good on a shelf.

- If digital prices are insane (at launch they usually are).

I don’t sell games, it’s not worth the effort

I can’t even remember the last time I lent a game to a friend or lent a game from a friend

I have fiber to my house and pay for 100/100 mpbs

I don’t have a data cap

I see no purpose of physical games if I have to install them anyway

I agree that digital is to expensive if you consider you don’t have to make and/or distribute a physical copy (same thing can be said about ebooks). But heck convinience.