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EspadaGrim said:
Lmao tons of people are getting extremely salty about Phil Spencer mentioning that he wants to buy a Japanese Studio, jut look at VGChartz article about it the comments blew up.

I hope that MS gets someone big to see some real meltdowns.

Some claim MS has no studios. MS buys and builds more studios.

“but it's not about quality games what MS does with these studios“

Some say Xbox isn't for them because of the lack of Japanese games. MS wants to improve that also with Japanese Studio(s)

“MS doesn't sell in Japan they need no Japanese studios“

Some gamers seem to get more and more uncomfortable to see that Xbox might offer a lot they care about in the future. Great sign for MS, some of them will end with an Xbox or stream their games the next years if they feel too bad to miss all MS Game Studios games