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thismeintiel said:

I guess it's good that Sony feels the need to release quality titles. Something Xbox should definitely try to do more of if they wish to improve their situation next gen.

Not sure what anti-consumer practises you speak of. I'm guessing it's something subjective that not all obviously agree with you on.

I was referring to anti-consumer practices like not allowing cross play or making it harder for devs to allow it, censoring games and locking Fortnite accounts etc. It doesn't matter what Sony do this gen, they will continue to outsell the competition even if they make mediocre games. 

Yes we want all brands to continue to make good games. MS have afew good games due this year like Gears 5, Minecraft Dungeons, and Horizon Lego DLC. They also released SOD2 DLC recently etc. Soon Halo Reach Remaster and MCC on PC and Battletoads.

Sorry i got alittle carried away there. X1 still won't outsell PS4 however the support and games are there.