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Aonuma can say whatever he wants about Majora's Mask not being an inspiration or even a factor that's playing into this game's development, I'm not buying it one single bit. It's painfully obvious that the strategy and thought process behind developing this game is extremely similar to the strategy and thought process behind Majora's Mask: A darker, edgier sequel which takes place immediately after its predecessor that reuses the assets and engine already built and aims to perfect them while doing something on its own to stand out as an amazing game in its own right. It's almost 1:1, the development and foundation behind Majora's Mask. But hey, not that I'm complaining. Majora's Mask is the best classic-styled 3D Zelda game, in my view. So taking notes and drawings from its development is already a big plus for me!

Pancho A. Ovies

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