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Just got up and watching the direct now:

  • FUCK YES DQ HERO IN SMASH! I WANTED THE HERO FROM V, BUT THIS IS STILL GREAT! September 27 is a decent date too, I'll be picking it up day one.
  • Luigi's Mansion 3 is looking gooooooood. The new mechanics really add depth.
  • That Jim Henson thing looks good gameplay-wise, but I hate the art style.
  • Link's Awakening looks really good. Not my type of game usually but I might give it a go.
  • No idea what price the Collection of Mana is but if it's reasonable I'll give it a look. It's expensive as hell over here in Japan.
  • Witcher III is tempting, I'll have to give it a look now it's coming to Switch.
  • Fire Emblem looks really really really good. I can't wait for it.
  • Resident Evil isn't my thing, but it looks good so I hope people that actually enjoy it like it.
  • No More Heroes III looks cool, as to be expected. Very interested if it's anything like the first two.
  • I like the design of Battle Aliens, not my type of game though.
  • Daemon X Machina isn't really my thing either.
  • Panzer Dragoon looks and sounds great. Will have to check it out, got some big Star Fox vibes from that.
  • Astral Chain looks fucking incredible. Hyped.
  • Empire of Sin sounds cool. Need more info though.
  • Never been a superhero guy, so the Marvel game does nothing for me.
  • Cadence of Hyrule is a cool cross-over, but again, not for me.
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympics actually looks really fun. 
  • Animal Crossing got pushed back to March 20 2020?? I guess this year is stacked, but still, that's a big disappointment.
    • The game looks and sounds fantastic though.
    • New gameplay features look great as well.
    • Pedro and Doom look cool too
  • Banjo and Kazooie in Smash? Does nothing for me, but that was a cool reveal.
  • BOTW 2?? I called this months ago! Very strong MM vibes from that.

That was a great direct, apart from there being no surprising reveals... One big issue for me though.

WHERE THE FUCK IS PIKMIN 4?! At this point I'm just accepting that Hey Pikmin was 4, and that 4 doesn't exist or isn't in development. There's no fucking way a game that was 'near completion' four years ago hasn't even been revealed yet. I'm super deflated by that. Chibi-Robo not coming either is disappointing, but I at least expected that.