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Chazore said:

1) But why do they have to respond, in a manner that EGS is responding to the entirety of PC gaming with?.


2) I don't think Valve need sto respond directly, to something that is now not their problem.


3) This isn't an issue of "get off your arse Valve", this is more an issue of "hey, stop doing the most shadiest and should be illegal shit devs/Epic", and shame on KS for not seeing this transpiring and doing anything to protect consumers. 

4) Before any of this, KS games went on as usual, but now Epic is on the field, everything has gone to hell. it's not Valve, it's the devs/Epic, and people need to be woken up to this reality.

1) Why? Because gamers want to play there games on Steam.

2) Valve wont respond because right now, EGS is in there infancy so this will continue to happen.. however EGS are growing fast and one day its going to bite them in the arse for allowing there competitor a walk right in there fort and they will hit them where it hurts.

3) Issue? Apparently this isn't against the rules in the gaming industry, technically Epic is doing what is allowed. So weather you hate it or not, it will continue to happen until people speak up.

4) No one will wake up because this is business. Supporters such as you and myself need to speak up and not defend Valve in this situation. They need to compete and as someone mentioned above, there are other ways to compete without being shady. Valve can make it harder for devs to leave for Epic by offering better deals for them. Its way to easy for Devs to switch to Epic because it is a far superior deal. Valve needs to close that gap.

And please lets keep this civil, no personal attacks.