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mZuzek said:

I mean, come on, one of y'all is arguing that Ka-pi should do this or that to get laid with the girl by any means for the survival of humanity, why am I even trying to discuss here?

I don't think anybody has said this, I assume you're referring to Ganoncrotch (since he has brought up a point about human reproductive instincts) who, as I recall, gave the advice to move on and find another woman. That's the overwhelming response as far as I can see. I don't think anybody has told him to ignore her wishes and keep desperately chasing her anyway, using any tactic possible.

I thought your first piece of advice was pretty good, but you keep jumping to conclusions about what others are saying, to the point of fabricating arguments to take offense to. So I am starting to agree with the last part of your quote here and wonder why you're trying to discuss if you won't properly read and consider what others are even saying.