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CaptainExplosion said:
jason1637 said:

Well we have laws that stop people from killing each other and killing animals so it makes sense that there are bills being made to stop abortions. Life is sacred and if someone does not want a child they don't have to keep the kid or they can just take  proper precautions to make sure that they don't have a kid while having sex.

So you want rape or incest victims to just accept what happened to them and bare the child or face prison time?

Another way to look at that is, should the child be killed because it was brought into the world due to rape or incest.  Of course this would mean that a person would believe on conception that the embryo is a living being or just a clump of cells.  It's difficult but if you value the sanctity of life then yes, even if the child was conceived through those means then it has a right to live just like any other living being.  If you do not believe in the sanctity of life and that the embryo is just a clump of cells, even if it has a heartbeat and developed brain then sure, get rid of it.  People preach about morals until they are faced with difficult situations and like the animals we all are throw those high minded morals out the window when its convenient.

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